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teen leadership

We are looking for passionate, hardworking 10-12 grade girls to join our THERE{4} Teen Leadership for the 2023-2024 conference season, August through March.

July 1-21 we will be accepting applications and would love for you to consider joining us! Please fill out the application below and we will be in contact soon.

We aim to invest in our teen leadership spiritually and in the areas of leadership and service. In addition to having tons of fun and building great friendships, you will also be asked to give creative input to THERE{4} 2024.


Applications Are Now Closed

Applicants must be local (within 15-20 minutes) to Arlington, Texas in order to apply.

Send the letter of recommendation link to your reference to fill out and it will be automatically submitted to us. Applications will close July 21 at midnight.

Applications are Now Closed.



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