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In 2012, Tiffany Daniels attended a national teen conference with her daughter, and the mutual experience had a significant impact on both of their lives. She left the conference committing to bring her daughter and friends back every year. However, she was disappointed to learn that the conference would be discontinued. For several years, Tiffany searched for something similar but found nothing. The Lord continued to press on her heart a yearning for this type of transformative encounter for teen girls. At IF:Gathering 2015, God made it clear to her that she needed to stop looking for other options
and, instead, step out in faith to launch a teen conference herself. Through her step of faith, and the support of a great board, THERE{4} Teen Gathering was formed, became a nonprofit organization in 2015 and launched their first teen conference in February 2016.


Tiffany Daniels

Tiffany Daniels has had a commitment to discipling women for the last 25 years, leading college girls in a weekly Bible study, mentoring women in her community, and investing in her daughter's life and the lives of her friends. Tiffany has a passion to see the hearts of high school girls transformed by the gospel of grace. Her vision for THERE{4} Teen Gathering was born out of a conference shared with her daughter, and the call of God to influence as many teenage girls as possible. Tiffany lives in Arlington, Texas, with her husband, David, Lead Pastor of Central Bible Church, and her three children and daughter-in-law.

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